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A Resource for Executive Recruiters and Hiring Companies

The Federal Executive Talent Bank is the source for senior government executive talent and a unique resource for private sector executive level recruitment. We understand that recruiting for top level management vacancies can be a difficult challenge. Facilitate your search by sourcing your most important recruitments through the Federal Executive Talent Bank, an exclusive database of the nation’s leading senior government executives and senior managers.

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How Federal Executive Talent Works for You

Federal Executive Talent searches our database to find matches for the qualifications and experience you're seeking. We also inform executives and managers of the vacancies for which we're identifying candidates. To learn more about how our process works to meet your executive search, click here.

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About Us

Federal Executive Talent was formed to help Federal career executives and senior managers find positions in the private and non-profit sectors as they consider life after government and to provide executive recruiting firms and hiring companies with an effective and efficient way to identify experienced Federal talent to meet their needs. Read more about our company.

Our team brings experience in both government and the private sector and a range of skills, including business development, information technology, management and marketing. Read more about our team.


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