Detail Position Requirements

Start by giving us details regarding the position or positions you wish to fill, including the desired qualifications, a position description and the compensation.

Federal Executive Talent will provide you with a document listing the fields in our candidates’ profiles. Your responses with regard to the qualifications/background you are seeking will facilitate our search.

Database Search

We will search our database of profiles of Federal executives and managers and will also e-mail an announcement of the position to all those registered with Federal Executive Talent so that they may notify us if they are interested and believe they qualify.

Gain Permission of Qualified Candidates

We will request qualified candidates to grant permission to share their names and resumes with you prior to our doing so. This step is taken to prevent any possible ethical conflicts which might arise at their Federal agencies and departments as a result of these contacts.

Presentation of Qualified Candidates’ Names

After we present the names of qualified candidates to you, you will need to provide written confirmation of the names of candidates for whom you wish additional information. Thus, you will be able to eliminate any name or names for which you have prior knowledge and/or no interest.

Presentation of Candidates’ Profiles and Resumes

We will present to you the resumes of the candidates which you have requested.

Resume Review and Interview(s)

You review the resumes and determine who you wish to interview, keeping us apprised of your action.


We are reimbursed if a candidate we referred is hired. If not, no fees are due.