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We understand that recruiting top level talent can be a difficult challenge, and would like to assist your efforts by helping you source your most important recruitments through the Federal Executive Talent Bank, an exclusive database of the nation’s leading current and former senior government executives.

For organizations looking to fill executive level positions or key advisory roles you’ll have access to those in the Senior Executive Service (SES), the corps of Senior Professionals (SP), and other senior officials with unique Federal experience. These elite men and women bring long and proven track records, expertise in managing successful large organizations at the highest levels of government, experience at the C-Suite level, and a broad and impressive Federal government network.

For those doing business with, or regulated by the government, this seasoned executive talent can be particularly critical in helping you:

We can help you navigate efficiently through this wealth of talent by providing two specific services:

These services are free of charge. We are only compensated by you when a candidate we refer has been successfully placed or hired.

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